The Stage for Your Design: Hardwood Flooring

Okay, giving it to you straight here kids with another set of quick thoughts from The Design Coach.

Here goes! Your floor is…well…is way more than a floor. In my world, it’s the Alpha & Omega of the design. If not treated with the reverence it deserves…it will sabotage any interior, large or small. Last week I had the opportunity to have Todd Krause, from Lake Geneva’s very own Timeless Flooring, at the radio studio to chat all things hardwood. Below are some take-aways from our visit.

1.)    Think of your hardwood flooring as the visual glue that pulls the entire home together, setting the stage for your overall design vision. Hands down…the feel of the room starts and ends with the floor. If the floor has a dated look…so will the overall design. And remember, if your design vision fights with the floor, the floor will win.

floor pic 4floor pic 5

floor pic 7

2.)    To maximize your budget, get artistic with your installation while using more cost effective wood species. Visualization is the key here, even a quick hand sketch can give your professional installer the creative direction needed to make even a simple wood species like oak, pine or maple look and feel more elegant.

floor pic 8floor pic 2

3.)    Think beyond brown. Investigate the use of die stains to create sophisticated, layered finishes that add a level of design interest a simple penetrating stain just cannot achieve.

floor pic 6

4.)    Don’t fear the refinishing process. Go for it! Yes, there’s dust. Get over it. The dust will dissipate…I promise…but great design lasts forever. Plus, today’s dustless floor refinishing systems can help you minimize the mess.

floor pic 3

5.)    When looking to hire a wood flooring professional, experience matters. It’s easy to bail to the cheapest professional…after all…it’s just wood right? WRONG. This is a design element with so many opportunities, but just as many pitfalls. Look for experience with many different applications and designs…and get referrals and photos.

floor pic 1-1

For more information on Timeless Flooring, visit  To hear The Design Coach Radio Program featuring this topic…click below.

8 thoughts on “The Stage for Your Design: Hardwood Flooring

  1. Hardwood flooring is the best option as compared to other type of material as this type of flooring is less expensive. So to design the hardwood flooring first you should prepare your room. Check the quality of the material. For this it is better if you hire a professional as they have wide range experience in this field. They also suggest you best tips how to design the hardwood flooring, so the this type of material can be easily installed. You can refer this:

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  3. I have been wanting to redo the flooring in our living room for years now. The color of our carpet just gives me a headache and I think hardwood flooring is such a better alternative. I have been looking at different designs and prices and I’m really excited to get this project. The real trial now is getting the Mrs. to agree here in New Britain, PA. Thank you for the tips and designs. Wish me luck!

  4. My husband and I have been wanting to redo our flooring in our kitchen and living room area here in Naples, FL and we really love all the design diversities that wood flooring supplies. We want something a little more rustic but with a modern design as well. It may be a weird combination to ask for but I think that it would look amazing with our furniture. Thanks for sharing these designs!

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