56 Hours in New York

Hi All, it’s been awhile! Welcome back. Like many people…for me…the Holiday Season represents an opportunity to reflect on the events of the year. It’s also my chance to do a creative, personal and professional diagnostic. A deep clean of sorts. This Fall, I had the opportunity to spend 56 hours with my amazing wife Julie in NYC…and it was just what I needed to unclog my brain that had become all too comfortable with the Midwestern mindset of go, gather and grind. The visit seemed to calibrate the timing of my artistic engine…as well as invigorate a more authentic interest in my projects and passions…even those unrelated to art or design.

For those of you who have heard me on the radio, you know I’ve spoken often of the benefits of travel when attempting to spark your internal creative fire. Well, all I can say is New York set mine aflame. Although I must admit, being an enthusiastic and respectful tourist can have that affect almost anywhere…if you just take the time to let it all in. I was changed on a molecular level by this place with just one visit…and I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to get there. Here is a slideshow of my adventure, one that I am destined to repeat to further catalog the visual confetti of this proud and approachable metropolis. Enjoy.

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