About us

The Design Coach, LLC is a full-service interior design, decorative contracting and creative services company with studios in Harvard, IL and Lake Geneva, WI. Featuring a unique combination of services and expertise few firms possess, we design, create and install one-of-a-kind environments and signature elements for residential and commercial projects. The national scope of our valued clientele includes homeowners, architects, builders and other design professionals in search of the ideas, inspiration and information that help interiors reach their full creative and functional potential. As one of the design industry’s most comprehensive creative services firms, we connect our clients with the limitless artistic and decorative applications that have made difference in their designs for over 20 years. Dedicated to an instructional, inspirational, and client-centered approach to design, we understand that the only style that really matters is the one you can call your own. Connect with us today…and let’s find your design!

One-of-a-kind ideas, inspiration and elements for the inspired home.

“Somewhere along the way, an artist who just wanted to share his gift with others ended up owning a very different kind of creative services company. I’d be lying if I told you that was the plan when I opened my first studio on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago over 20 years ago. Since that time, we’ve had the unique pleasure of working with some of the most amazing clients who trust us to execute and manage inspired projects of uncompromising quality. As an Artist, Contractor and Design Professional, I’ve seen the design/build and underlying creative process play out from every conceivable angle. This unique combination of experiences allows me to coach our clients to create with confidence from concept to completion. All the while looking to collaboratively craft environments that reflect an appreciation for lifestyle-focused function, authentic personal style and one-of-a-kind finishing details.” 

-Philip Sassano, Owner of The Design Coach, LLC

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