Clarity, creativity…and the fog that’s lifted by a life less ordinary.

It’s been awhile since my last post. Lots happened. To many of us. The fog seems to thicken and dissipate simultaneously these days. Which makes it a haze? Not sure. Maybe. Anyway, there’s one thing I know to be true. Clarity…these days…is more valuable than ever. But where do you find it? Like most of you, I find an abundance of it in my immediate family, my home and of course my dogs. I find it buried just beneath the routine of the day, in the honest and candid conversations with my kids and of course my amazing wife. In the purity that exists in a productive day. But you do have to dig a bit, ask the right questions and put in the work. After all, a perfunctory approach almost never leads to discovery or a meaningful realization.

But there’s another place where clarity has always existed for me. A place where total creative control awaits me like my labs in the Foyer of my home. That place is my studio. A place where anything is possible…and the fog of everyday life ceases to exist. This week we officially started the transformation that will take us more than a month to complete. Something we’re calling it “The Factory Loft Experience.” A space that will be as creatively ambitious as any environment we’ve previously crafted. And you know what…it’s as exciting as it is daunting…as are most meaningful endeavors driven from within by a deep sense of purpose and passion.


Lately, especially on the radio show, I’m having conversations about how we need to redefine our interiors. And not just to adapt to these unusual times, but also to inspire us to thrive and prosper despite the challenges that may lie ahead. In so many ways, your home is a lot like my studio. The place where clarity is in greater supply than we think…but only if we choose to create rather than cower. And have the courage to lead a life a little less ordinary. I’ve mentioned on several occasions that our homes are their own form of performance art. A stage on which our lives can either play out with a sense of incredible purpose, or pass us by with a passivity that paralyzes the soul…especially in times like these. Your approach and your effort will be the difference.

It’s never been more important to keep moving forward, and rise to the challenges in the moments that matter most. As for me, I cannot wait to shape this new artistic space and share it with all of you. And reflect on the thought that your home, like an art studio, is the perfect place to find clarity in the creation of something special.

Together, let’s get to work. #youvebeencoached