Meet the Salvage Superheroes…at Heritage Beam & Board.

Every now and again a business comes along that seems to have it all; perfect packaging, products built with passion and care…and authentic people who have an inspiring mission beyond the profit motive. Introducing, the Krauklis & Hansen families that make up Heritage Beam & Board, LLC in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Under the daily stewardship of Emily & Adam Krauklis and Seth Hansen, this talented trio is a blend of Lady Antebellum Cover Band and the savviest of salvage soldiers. I first met them at the Lakeland Builders Association Home Expo in February of this year, and was immediately impressed by the quality of their work…and the approachable passion that clearly propels their true purpose. Unlike to so many outfits I’ve met, hired and coached over the years in the reclaimed realm, this team understands two key things. First, that most salvaged material really does need to be creatively and physically tamed, shaped and transformed in order to appear “ready for primetime” design. And second, that an infectious, enthusiastic and educational approach is critical when helping people see the countless ways these amazing materials can enhance a home. After just one visit with them…I was struck by a mission that seemed just as personal as it did professional. And from this author’s perspective, that’s the kind of authenticity the design industry needs. More design professionals who aren’t afraid to get their hands or their clothes dirty…and resources like Heritage Beam & Board who can teach us how to clean and polish these design diamonds in the rough. Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging out with them, at their by appointment workshop and barn loft, where they produce and display their signature creations and one-of-a-kind farm finds. It was literally like being invited into Batman’s Barn Bat Cave. View the slideshow below, and catch a glimpse inside the incredibly inspiring, fun and artistically fulfilling world of Heritage Beam & Board. Words really cannot adequately express how much I’m looking forward to the upcoming projects we’ve been designing with them for our clients. Their special brand of work, utilizing their incredible minds, hands and hearts is just the kind of essential design element every interior needs. More to come from The Design Coach and this team, including some wicked silo singing. All I do know, is one thing is certain…if these Salvage Superheroes are going to be wearing their creative capes… I will most certainly be wearing mine. Be further inspired at

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