Maybe we should have just named our shop Ollivander’s…

“The wand chooses the wizard…” That’s the quote right? And it’s never been more true than here at The Design Coach. For those of you who have no idea what I’m referencing…you’d best move along to another blog. Or stay if you wish…however, be warned. Reading this may cause your face to awkwardly contort, as I deliberately disturb your consumer complacency…and poke any predisposed compulsion you may have for charismatic, cookie-cutter and catalog interiors. On the cusp of 20 years in business, we’ve recently come at an important realization that has put everything into perspective; like Ollivander’s Wand Shop…we’re not for everyone.

And with every project, especially some soon to be revealed, we realize our true mission is to support those for whom the practice of interior design resembles more wizardry than Wayfair.


Over the years, we’ve tried to reinvent our messaging to communicate who we are and what we do. That we are equal parts problem-solving contractors, original artists and visionary designers. A model, a team and a calling very different from the rest…met with the occasional displeasure and disdain of those who shall not be named industry purists. Most of whom, lack the basic understanding that true creativity in design, is best achieved by mastering the cross-training exercises that involve all three disciplines.


You see, we have the power to concoct potions and elixirs to remedy any functional interior ailment. And we possess the ability to cast visual spells beyond everyone’s imagination with exception of our own. This is our purpose. The reason we exist. To help the world’s wizards realize and create that which they would otherwise not.


Mind you, we did not ask for this condition…we were simply born this way. To thoughtfully position and pair…to sensibly select and synthesize…to carefully craft and create…to efficiently evaluate and edit. Differently than the others. So it would only stand to reason, that we are misunderstood by many…and dismissed by those who cannot…or in some cases will not…see us for what we really are.


Mr. Potter and the hooligans of Hogwarts…we know exactly how you feel.

Our creative home here in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, located fairly close to both Chicago and Milwaukee, is surrounded by Cathedrals, Churches and Chapels dedicated to the religion of modern consumerism in every way. Featuring products, packaging and promotion that are often specifically designed to satisfy, rather than to nourish. From the outlet malls to the big box retailers to the discount stores in both philosophy and name. These are the kinds of places, where almost EVERYTHING is ALWAYS offered up in a way, that sacrifices quality at the altar of lower prices and the Great Sale.

And then there’s us. Artfully curated, we still believe in the virtue of value, and that quality trumps quantity in so many ways. Shocking I know. But we understand the intrinsic value of our offerings…and those who choose to work with us. We appreciate the effort it takes to bring truly unique, original and well-crafted items to market…and you know what? So do our amazing clients for whom we are so grateful. Not only for their business, but for their overwhelming support of the not so dark arts.

In our hearts, they are so much more than customers…they are both partners and patrons. For they are the ones who see wands…where others only see sticks.


So every Saturday we open our doors, for the wizards who knowingly, and unknowingly wander in, searching for wonderful wands to add their collection. From couture fabrics to one-of-a-kind found objects, we live to share our brand of creativity in all of its forms, with those looking to put a little magic into makeovers both large and small.

Funny thing is, every day that goes by, we get a little better at recognizing you when you walk in. Whether you realize it or not…just like us…you’re a bit different from the others. And deep down you know it. Sometimes giving yourselves away with your wide eyed-audible gasps, open jawed expressions that immediate morph into unsolicited smiles, and the sincere commentary that acknowledges the special place in which you believe you’ve entered.

Other times you’re a bit difficult to discover. As the only clue to your true nature, is found in the pondering pace of your curious gait while exploring our shop. And even when your visit doesn’t result in a purchase, we love that there was still a very special transaction that took place between us…and we know you’ll be back. So here’s to the muggles, mud-bloods and pure blooded aesthetic alchemist of every kind, dedicated to more authentic, creative and personal interiors. May our passion, for forever fuel and enhance your search for the perfect potion and spectacular spell.

The Design Coach: Wizards Welcome.