Key thoughts.


Over the years I accumulated dozens of keys from my various office locations, shops, job sites, etc. People looked at my key chain in amazement. Okay, more like bewilderment. The number of keys was borderline obnoxious…like something a Shawshank Redemption prison guard might have carried during lights out. When questioned, I always seemed to give the same response…”I’m not sure what they’re all for…but I know I’m going to need all of them sooner or later.” The truth was…most of those keys unlocked doors to places that I no longer needed to open. Places that led to where I am today, and to which there was no need to ever return. Remember, but never return.


Which made me think; As we age, don’t we all go through life carrying around a clumsy set of psychological keys that are of no longer any use to us? Like a ring of functional souvenirs from important places from our past. I guess these days I see a connection in just about everything. Which leads me to ask two important questions: How many of those keys should we really be dragging around with us? And, when does the weight and clutter of those keys, begin to hinder our ability to find the ones that unlock new and exciting doors?


So today was the day I decided to take them off my ring, lighten my load, and keep…for the time being…the ones that really mattered. Such is the great experiment that is life and design. More proof that the exercise of editing…means everything.