Vintage Vanity Fair

Eternal intrigue of these vintage prints originally from Vanity Fair add a traditional touch of masculine and curious charm to any interior. Grouped in large or small sizes, these prints are the perfect finishing touch to add a little nostalgia into your new look.
*The Design Coach watermark will not appear in your final image.
*Easy framing! All prints are suitable for standard-sized frames.

0 thoughts on “Vintage Vanity Fair

  1. I was in your store last spring and you had nautical art work (photographs) taken by a (possibly) local artist. I looked for the artwork on your site. Might you be able to direct me to finding this artwork / and the artist on line?
    Thank you very much.
    Carol Culp

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  3. I was in this summer and bought a couple of the felt pennants, was wondering if it is possible to order a custom print on a felt pennant?

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  5. I have been wanting to redo the flooring in our living room for years now. The color of our carpet just gives me a headache and I think hardwood flooring is such a better alternative. I have been looking at different designs and prices and I’m really excited to get this project. The real trial now is getting the Mrs. to agree here in New Britain, PA. Thank you for the tips and designs. Wish me luck!

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  8. Love it! So excited for the journey. I’m already “lost” and looking for “in found”;)