Luxury Home Coach

Signature properties require a unique understanding of what makes them special, and an appreciation for the kind of care that keeps them properly maintained. Employing one of the most comprehensive approaches to private residential property management, our trusted team has over 50 years combined experience constructing, renovating, designing and maintaining these one-of-kind properties.

On average, luxury residential properties require the orchestration of over thirty-five individual and integrated seasonal service profiles. Utilizing our vetted network of trusted contractors, design resources and maintenance professionals, all supervised by the Luxury Home Coach Team, our clients enjoy an unparalleled level of customer service with complete transparency and one single point of contact. Offering a multi-disciplinary approach to property management and maintenance, our comprehensive list of services is specifically developed to support the diverse lifestyle needs of our discriminating clientele.

Renovation & Professional Project Management
Comprehensive Residential Maintenance
Pier, Dock and Outbuilding Maintenance
Landscape Design & Supervision

Visitor Itineraries & Special Guest Services
Remodeling Estimates related to Real Estate Acquisition
Event & Entertainment Coordination
Special Lifestyle & Legacy Projects

To schedule a complimentary private property evaluation, or for general inquiries into all of the ways we assist clients with their lifestyle objectives, please call our office at (262) 249-8582 or (815) 770-0003.
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