The Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen remodeling can be a tricky balance of value & style. With so many options, and so many elements to design…a simple kitchen can quickly become a culinary cathedral. Here are a few tips from The Design Coach on the best ways to maximize your kitchen makeover, regardless of your budget. 

1.)    Realize that a custom look does not always mean paying a custom price. When replacing your Kitchen cabinetry, try to stay within the standard box construction, drawer and door sizes offered by the manufacturer. In addition, upgrading to a custom finish package will give your cabinetry a higher-end appearance. Designer Resource:

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2.) Think of your lighting as the ultimate accessory. Believe it or not, there is life beyond the pendant light. Choose fixtures that give you both ambient and directional lighting at the same time – you don’t have to sacrifice style to get a good look at what you’re preparing at the island. Be brave in your lighting design! Designer Resource:

 BLOG pic OCT.Currey  Co  light

3.)    Embrace the backsplash! Installing a dynamic accent tile between the cabinetry and countertop is one of the best ways to achieve a magazine quality look in your Kitchen. Subtle or dramatic, try to select a tile that gives a triple visual threat…texture, pattern and color. Designer Resource:

4.)    Coordinate your horizontal surfaces. Look to visually connect two of the most important and prevalent canvas’ in your Kitchen. Coordinating your countertops and flooring will act as a “style anchor” and will set the stage for all of the elements to sing out loud. Designer Resource:

5.)    Window treatments and fabrics are essential. The right fabric package, in both upholstered elements and window treatments, adds much needed softness to the cleaner lines typically found in most Kitchens.  Designer Resource:

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For more information on Kitchen Design, check out Philip’s interview the Peggy Helgeson of Geneva Cabinet Company on the link below.