Building the Bedroom

More and more we’re being asked to design the perfect Master Bedroom for our clients. With so many different ideas as to what comprises “the perfect” bedroom, I thought I would share a few key design strategies I use to build personal bedroom interiors for my clients.

1.)    I love to start with incredible bedding. My go-to references for bedding are and Bedding sets the tone for everything from the color scheme, to the overall theme of the space. Chances are, if you don’t like you’re bedding, or if it just doesn’t work anymore…nothing else you do to the room will even matter. That being said…choose wisely. The strength of the color and pattern of your bedding will absolutely define the interior. So, if you’re looking to design the ultimate oasis…go find your visual beach…even if it’s lined with plaid.


bedroom62.)    Consider ALL of the ways you might use the room when selecting furniture. More and more, we’re seeing bedrooms turn into mini suites. Consider everything from your storage needs…to comfortable seating designed to decompress your body and soul. And remember, furniture is really just stylish storage…so try to introduce elements that are different from your main living space. Take a risk in the bedroom…those usually payoff.

3.)    View your bedroom lighting and lamps as functional art and accessories. Listen, no surprise here. Forgettable lighting makes a bedroom just that. So, ditch the safe hotel lighting, and let’s look for elements that support your design theme, excite the eye and inspire you to get away. is a can’t miss resource!


4.)    Dynamic drapery and additional fabric elements DO make a difference. Again, beyond function, look to take your design to the next level with additional accent fabrics that actually make the room feel finished. Too often, I see bedrooms where the drapery or fabric elements DO NOT enhance the interior at all, and are just a step above hanging a bed sheet in the window. And by the way. . . the “swag” treatments over the windows scream  – ”I have no imagination!”


5.)    Look for the “it” visual moment in the bedroom. Typically, this is the wall above the headboard…so this area really needs your complete design attention. Think big. Think statement. Think great headboard. Don’t have the funds for a killer headboard? Not to worry, try accenting that space with paint, wallpaper or even personal photography. Treating this area with a special kind of decorating dignity can make or break the overall design of the bedroom.

DCBedroom2alt copyJust few thoughts today. For more on this topic, including our thoughts on “media in the bedroom”, “to footboard or not to footboard”, and the ever popular “how many pillows is too many pillows”…check out the link below to The Design Coach Radio Program: Building the Bedroom.