Tending to the details…inside and out.

The end of 2015 has been an absolute whirlwind. Between the HGTV appearance, expanded radio show, opening of the new Studio & Market, and our demanding project schedule…I can honestly say I’m looking forward to getting back to work. No really. We’ve all worked so hard to get to this place. And now that the design studio, workshop and retail market are up and running…I am excited that some of our most meaningful work is ahead of us. That being said, the end of year finds me making preparations to take advantage of the amazing opportunities we’ve been given. And as I have mentioned before…my approach, especially in the new year, will start and end at a molecular level. I guess you could say I’m tending to the details, tinkering with the engine…and it feels good.

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One idea. One thought. One expression of pure emotion…another thoughtfully withheld behind a furled brow and crooked smile. One pencil and key stroke. One inspiration off the paper and into a passionate, personal and practical plan. One satisfying creative resolution…and another as elusive as a jittery bird on a windswept and wavy branch. One laugh. One sigh. One quiet moment of satisfaction…another much louder rallying cry for a better collaborative creative effort on the part of the contractors…and the clients. It’s amazing how clear everything sounds when your internal strings begin to adjust to the right pitch. Like it or not…willing to accept it or not…we are all living instruments in need of emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical tuning. As life plays out, we need to fight to consciously control the pace of the beat, hit the appropriate notes with good timing…and when inspired…attempt to reach the high notes with a confident and calm consistency. It is in this effort to find life’s ideal rhythm, that our instrumentation is influenced, and even under assault. From the daily, digital diatribe that is our social media feed, to the tireless and bombastic 24-hour news cycle, or barrage of programing that seems to value caricature over content…it’s no wonder most us are operating with a flashing overload light in the middle of our forehead. As if our lives aren’t challenging enough, starring in the one-man-band that is our demanding personal and professional lives. Then, to make it even more interesting, that rhythm at times seems all too dependent upon technology that allows very little distinction between the two.

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So, where does one go to find life’s perfect rhythm? To find balance? To find the right sense of timing? I’m not entirely sure. But lately, the thoughtful attention to the smaller details seems to be making all the difference. A rededication of sorts to the regular tuning of a natural, internal mechanism that improves my situational awareness, and greases the gears of my personal and professional transmission. As my analogies begin to both layer and stray a bit…I’ll get to the wrap: It’s so important to increase your level of sensitivity to your environment. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, get out of your comfort zone and recalibrate to what you’ve experienced. That activity has a wonderful way of cleaning off your emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical antennae…and helps you dial in on a clearer and more human signal. Trust me, if you don’t, life will most certainly find a way to do it for you. Indifference I’ve learned is the real enemy…and empathy may just be the most enriching experience of all. Empathy is the gateway to serving others. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Understanding and helping each other get to where we want and need to be? And certainly not always where the industry and the experts say we should go. The trick is to use technology to quicken the human connection…rather than to dull it…or even worse, manipulate it. To use it to assist us in an empathetic tuning process…and not distract us from it. But, I guess that speaks to the quality of our feeds. Probably the topic of a blog for another day.


It is in this spirit that I welcome the coming of the new year. The opportunity to return to the studio in search of new ways to connect people with the promise of creativity. To relish in the making with our hands and time that which, as of now, only exists in our minds…and to champion the true beauty that only comes from the balance of substance and style.