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Project Spotlight: Symphony Bay Clubhouse – Button’s Bay, Lake Geneva WI. Fairwyn Builders

“The Design Coach team impressed us out of the gates.  On our first visit to their studio, the team created a beautiful mockup of the space based on our prior conversations. We were able to see and feel the fabrics, colors, textures and elements.  The team was flexible and responsive throughout the process as we adjusted layouts and themes.  Philip and Keely made the design process fun and enjoyable throughout.”  – Fairwyn Builders: September 2020

Thank you to our amazing clients, industry associates and educational partners! We are so humbled by your kind words!


“Working with The Design Coach team exceeded our expectations. The design, demolition and completion stages resulted in a daily living space that is not only efficient, but stylish. We couldn’t be happier with the work completed by The Design Coach team and look forward to our continued relationship.”

John & Sandra Theriault, October 2021


“Philip provided a wonderful talk, sharing his perspective on the artist’s journey, on the value of opening up to different people, perspectives and experiences and challenged the students to step out of their comfort zones. He talked about his journey, touching on personal, academic and career growth. He then took the students up to his workshops and gave them an up-close and personal insight into his business and creative processes, and shared more information on how he used his degree and talents in his career journey. Everyone was thankful for the experience, glad they went and were moved and inspired by Philip’s conversation with them. Thank you, Philip, for providing such a unique and memorable experience for our students!”

NIU Alumni Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Jeanne Baxter: October 2019


“Philip Sassano has always been a pleasure to work with. Going above and beyond through every project handed to him and the team, not one particular style it too much for them to work with! Philip and his team are professional, hardworking and dedicated workers who execute each project beyond expectations! Guiding you through each process, you can rest easy knowing the project is in good hands and we can confidently say that you will not be disappointed with the finished outcome. We highly recommend The Design Coach for all your interior design needs!”

Trade Partner Balsitis Contracting – Lake Geneva, WI: October 2019


“I have worked with Philip, Keely and Scott at the Design Coach for several years now and they all do an exceptional job. Philip is a true artist who has painted murals on some of our walls and changed the colors of many things for us. Also, his faux painting is superb. As a designer myself, I love  bouncing ideas off of  him to get his take.  His opinion, I trust. Keely, is a master at fabrics  and so patient with truly a fabulous eye. She knows her fabrics and the upholstery that they do is stunning and done in a timely manner. Scott designed and made beautiful legs for a vanity for us. They are just what we wanted. All in all, we have been so pleased with their work, and they are all fun people to work with…which makes the job so much more enjoyable.”

Interior Design Client Jane S. – Williams Bay, WI: September 2019


“My husband and I are in the process of building our dream home on Lauderdale Lakes. After many hours on the Internet we felt prepared for all of the decisions that needed to be made during the building process. It ended up be much harder than we thought so we contacted Philip to help us with some important decisions. In areas where we were struggling to make decisions he helped guide us to our final choices. We didn’t want our home to feel like a new build. We wanted our home to feel like a warm inviting cottage and there was no better person to help us achieve that!”

Coach Up client Jan O. – Lauderdale Lakes: June 2019


“Working with Philip Sassano was everything I had hoped and more! I recently purchased the Watersedge B&B in Lake Geneva and it came with an illustrious past. It had been the home of the former owner of the Lake Como Hotel, now the French Country Inn and Hotel Geneva, the Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel that once graced our lakefront in downtown Lake Geneva.

The home was frequented by notorious gangsters in the 20s and 30s and features a basement vault, a hidden underground garage which was used for hiding cars from the Feds, a basement casino, and a counting room with barred windows and 15-inch concrete walls. Much of it is still intact today.

My plan was to turn it into a speakeasy themed single-family vacation home. I wanted to make it a comfortable home where families could enjoy their time together at the lake, yet still maintain its historic charm. I decided to call Philip Sassano, the Design Coach, because just as his name suggests, I needed a coach. I had a vision, just didn’t know how to execute it.

I had seen much of Philip’s work around town and what drew me to him was that his style offered elements of surprises. I wanted my home to be historic and elegant, yet fun at the same time. Philip provided me the base colors that would make the house cohesive and created a color palette that I could use as I purchased everything from the bedding and furniture to paint and flooring. Armed with his vision, shopping was easy!

I think of Philip as a chameleon. He can adapt to every style and execute it perfectly. When I met with Philip, he quickly understood my goals and style and offered so many ideas. From the speakeasy front door and whiskey barrels to the black and white plaid wallpaper, his ideas were outside the box but absolutely spot on. He is inspiring and energetic and made this experience incredibly enjoyable. He is my go-to person for every future project and I can’t say enough great things about him and his services. I would highly recommend Philip to anyone looking to bring excitement into their home.”

Coach Up Client Wendy Murphy – Lake Geneva, WI: 2018

Owner, Stay Lake Geneva Vacation Rentals (Including Watersedge Hideout)

Editor, Best of Lake Geneva and Broker, d’aprile properties


“When we first considered the insurmountable task of remodeling our basement, we would compare it publicly to such things as the “Big Dig” in Boston, the construction of the Burj Dubai, or the Chunnel in France…..you get it.  The mere idea was obviously overwhelming to us.  How exactly would we be able to take this open space we had and turn it into something even remotely resembling what we envisioned for our lower level, and not go broke in the meantime?

Much to our great pleasure, we were introduced to Philip Sassano and his team at The Design Coach.  From our very first meeting, The Design Coach team was able to able to act like a human “Google Translate” machine, very patiently transcribing every “brilliant” or “legendary” vision we (perceived) we had, from thoughts in our head, to ideas on paper, eventually arriving at a formal design and cost structure.  The whole process was enjoyable, collaborative, thoughtful, and confidence inspiring.

Now for the fun part……watching this all come to life.  The Design Coach team had agreed to become our design concierge, and manage the entire process, stem to stern.  We giggled quietly, as we thought about the fact that we most certainly were the luckiest people in the world to have convinced anyone on the planet to agree to such an undertaking.  The Design Coach team managed each and every hurdle, with unsurpassed professionalism, and a constant mindfulness of the end vision, cost and project timing.   No amount of money can represent the constant reassurance and management of our expectations throughout the entire process.    The team’s experience shined at every turn.

Throughout the construction process, Philip’s team wisely used the time to finalize design details so that things could be ordered and delivered as the space became ready.  Each of our weekly update meetings would consist of the selection of different design elements.   I can only imagine the behind the scenes work that went into making our decision process this easy.   In the end, each and every element was somehow magically assembled to create our masterpiece.

Every day, as we go downstairs, we are still in awe of the space that Philip and his team created for our family.  How exactly did they do it?  We will never know for sure, but we can tell you that if we are ever in need of any design services in the future,  we know exactly who we will be calling. Thank you Phillip and The Design Coach team for bringing our vision to life!”

Interior Design & Remodeling Client Kim J. & Mike H. – Lake Geneva, WI: 2018


“I just wanted to drop you a note to say we have returned to our lovely remodeled home for the summer and when we walked in at 9:30 pm after 2 days of driving, it was so calming to look around and settle in.  We loved the transformation last year and after being away for 9 months our feelings have not changed.  It is truly a relaxing lake home.”

Cindy & Tom S. – Williams Bay, WI: 2017


“We love any opportunity to collaborate with and fabricate the designs of Lake Geneva based Philip Sassano, The Design Coach.  Every project has been a unique venture and pleasure to complete.”

Trade Partner Heritage Beam & Board – Elkorn, WI: 2017


“Volunteered to help us with our new fair office decorating. We needed some expert help because of the many volunteers and strong feelings that led us down too many varying paths. The Coach gave us a wonderful and clear direction that made everyone feel a part of the process, and still gave us a unique and functional space. Highly recommend! 6 stars if only they had that many!”

Coach Up Client Larry Gaffey, General Manager – Walworth Co. Fairgrounds: 2017


“Philip Sassano is a pleasure to work with on cabinetry projects. Whether custom or semi-custom, Philip is knowledgeable about selection of cabinetry for clients that we are collaborating with. His team is thorough with shop drawings and specification sheets to make our job easier. We always recommend The Design Coach for luxury cabinet solutions.”

Trade Partner Geneva Cabinet Company – Lake Geneva, WI: 2017


“As a luxury home builder we trust that Philip Sassano and his team will make us look good to our clients. He is knowledgeable about the latest design trends and works well with clients. We call on Philip to work with our clients to make finish selections that are representative luxury homes that we build. We recommend The Design Coach for all your design needs.”

Trade Partner Lowell Custom Homes – Lake Geneva, WI: 2017

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