That’s it! Why I’m giving my kids just ENOUGH for Christmas this year!

Honestly, I didn’t expect to be writing this blog today. But as I turned on the news this morning, I saw some of the most disturbing images of the various Black Friday events across the country. I cannot imagine a worse way to start the Holiday Shopping Season than with such horrific displays of consumer carnage. Really?!! Is this where we are now?! Doubt me?! Just reference the Nike Store aftermath below…or just head to  YouTube to view any number of videos documenting for eternity people literally fighting over products that within the next 3 years will most likely be deemed obsolete.


Way to go big box stores! You must be so proud. Not only have you managed to decimate countless numbers of Main Streets across the country…but you now have us sacrificing our basic human dignity, in the name of lower prices, for products of questionable quality. Even worse, on the very holiday that specifically celebrates being THANKFUL for what we have!!?? Oh wait, that is until 6 PM when the stores open…then we want MORE.  And if you did partake, I hope you were at least buying for someone else? Wait, don’t answer that. It’s none of my business right? Well either way, I guess the big box bleeding of the American consumers wallet…and their soul continues. Happy Holidays???

Now, contrast this with the celebration of Small Business Saturday today, November 25th.


What an awesome event! This may just be commerce the way it was originally intended. Customers supporting the local businesses that make their communities special and unique. People taking to Main Streets and Downtown Areas across the country to patronize shops that provide the kind of consumer experiences that lead to authentic relationships from valued customers. I cannot think of a better way to have cleansed my visual palette of Black Friday, than with the images I witnessed in my own shop on Small Business Saturday. Thank you to everyone who visited my studio today. It was truly a pleasure. Thank you American Express for your unbelievable promotion of this event. And thank you to the Lake Geneva Chamber of Commerce for driving local awareness.

So with all of this shop talk, I started thinking about my own family this Christmas…and the kinds of things I wish for them this blessed Season. I wish for myself and my family, the complete understanding possible, of one of the most powerful and overlooked words in the English language; ENOUGH. Not more. Not less. But ENOUGH. I wish for them this gift that will last longer than any item we’ll wrap for them this Holiday Season..


I wish for my family ENOUGH of the following this Christmas Season:

Enough patience to watch the smallest of things develop into something great.

Enough food to keep us nourished, but Enough left over to send guests home with some of the meal.

Enough courage to stand up for what we believe with conviction.

Enough honesty to say what needs to be said…as well as when we need to say it.

Enough understanding that a complaint about a problem, is more often than not an invitation to become a part of the solution.

Enough time to accomplish the things that really matter…and Enough recognition of the things that actually do.

Enough compassion so that we are moved to initiate random acts of kindness.

Enough character to keep us accountable to higher calling.

Enough forgiveness of others, in hopes that we will be forgiven.

Enough struggle to help us keep everything in perspective.

Enough wisdom to exercise good judgement when others do not.

Enough enthusiasm to enable us to motivate ourselves and others.

Enough passion for life that it’s reflected in everything we do.

Enough purpose to make our days meaningful.

Enough situational awareness to realize that indifference and inaction may just be two of the world’s great illnesses.

Enough skepticism to keep us mindful of the real motives of those in positions of influence.

Enough confidence to bet on ourselves, and others, when we need it most.

Enough disappointment to keep us trying our very best.

Enough of a sense of urgency so that we’re ever mindful that tomorrow is promised to no one.

Enough of disruption in our day so that we value real peace.

Enough good health so that we can live life to its fullest.

Enough determination to keep us moving forward, as motion is the key to keeping your balance in life.

Enough creativity so that we inspire ourselves and those around us.

Enough spontaneity keep the routine from dulling our adventurous spirit.

Enough appreciation for history to acknowledge both those who created it and why…as well as reverence for those brave Enough to preserve it.

Enough joy to mend our hearts when the world tries to break them.

Enough pain to remind us of the fragility of the human condition.

Enough faith to help us endure the toughest of times.

Enough unanswered prayers to help us accept that there is a greater plan.

Enough curiosity to keep us searching, learning and growing.

Enough loss so that we appreciate all that we have.

And Enough riches to realize that the most important things in life, can only be purchased with the currency of love.



So from my family to yours, I wish for you a blessed, safe and joyous Holiday Season. May you experience ENOUGH love, peace and inspiration to last throughout the year. Three things coincidentally that you’ll never find on sale at my shop…or any big box store for that matter.