The Coach Up

Schedule a One-on-One Coaching Session!

Never before has the world of interior design been more accessible and just as confusing. With an ever-expanding marketplace of online and retail options, it’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed. From paint colors to space planning to furniture, fabrics and more, we’re experts at helping people find their signature style and take back control of their design.

Are you in the middle of a remodeling or new construction project and just need to get unstuck? Then this is the service for you! No design agreement or long term commitment…just sound advice and the professional guidance you need to push your projects and your interiors closer to completion. Each Coach Up Session is booked in (2) hour minimums at the cost of $300, plus travel for locations over 30 miles from our studio.

For more information, or to schedule a One-on-One Coaching Session email us directly at