The New Guy

So the team is divided on the new guy at the office. He doesn’t talk much, it’s safe to say he seems a bit stiff. And what’s with that subtle smirk? Is it a sense of confidence…or just plain creepy? Either way, he’s here to stay…the boss found him, and apparently really likes what he brings to the table. Meet mini-James Dean. 43 inches of pure, plastic rebel. I found him out of place at one of my salvage haunts, and thought I would make him our new studio mascot. And like the legend himself…a true icon. At least he is for me.

  James2   James3   James1

Our design shop, at its core,  has always been bit different. Over the years, I’ve always seemed to surround myself with the same basic team profile. Hardworking, no-nonsense design talent that eagerly runs through walls for me and our clients on a daily basis. People who understand that our design is only as good as our ability to deliver it into the home. A fearless posse that loves chasing interior innovation.

craft4   mad-men-don-draper-roger-sterling   Mad-Scientists

After all, the best design ideas…okay well, any design idea for that matter…doesn’t mean much on paper. Especially when they’re as aggressive as ones we dream up for our clients. And there’s the dedication of our contracting teams. The experienced and skilled “outlaws of the mind” that really make it happen for us. Having come into the business as an artist and contractor…born of the paint, dirt and dust…I am still so inspired by their willingness to follow us, figure it out, and head confidently by our side into the decorative unknown. A combination of Master Craftsman, Madmen and Mad Scientist…what they help us produce is often times nothing short of artistic alchemy.

       maxresdefault   james-dean-3

This is where I see  a little bit of us in our new studio mascot Mr. Dean. We’re different. We embrace it…and we design and create with an edge. A collective chip on our shoulder, yet still grounded so that we never take a creative opportunity for granted. Regardless of the size of the project. As a small business and a design underdog of sorts, we’ve had to fight for our standing in a fickle, discretionary, competitive and ever-changing industry. Over the years, our journey as a small shop with very big ideas has evolved, and even changed names a time or two. However, one thing has remained the same. Our passion to design for people, and not just their projects is what really drives us. We understand that we’re hired to put our clients style above our own, and to use both our edge and our experience, to deliver outrageously beautiful and personal creative outcomes.

bunkroom kitchen  lights  w14

It feels good to know who we are as a team. Professional, but not pretentious. Rebellious, questioning and courageous, we offer an alternative approach in an industry full of copy-cat creatives…and sometimes insufferable egos. So while the majority of our industry is obsessed with portfolios, posturing and parties…we’ll just go back to work in our blue-jeans, white t’s, flannel and leather…and get after it in our Studio & Workshop. And just like Rebel himself, we’ll embrace that we’re the kids from the “wrong” side of the tracks. However, from the looks of things here at The Design Coach…every client interaction these days makes us feels as though we’re on the right side of the artistic rail.