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“Somewhere along the way, an artist who just wanted to share his gift with others, ended up owning a very different kind of creative services company. I’d be lying if I told you that was the plan from the beginning when I opened my first studio in Chicago almost 20 years ago. When I look back at the thousands of hours in the studio crafting the perfect finish as an artist, selection as a design professional, or space as a contractor…I’m humbled…but not surprised that I’m as passionate today about our clients and their projects, as I was when I started this amazing creative journey. Some people are just meant to do certain things…and for me…using my creativity to help people realize elements, interiors and homes beyond their expectations just seemed to fit…like a really comfortable pair of jeans. Which coincidentally is exactly the professional posture of our design team. Informal, approachable…and always looking to get our hands dirty with the details of our design.”

“As far back as I can remember my mission has been very simple. I want you to love where you live. A home should be a place of both peace and inspiration. I believe an inspired artistic process, harnessed through curated and thoughtful design, can change people on a molecular level. Ideas that magically transform into functional and fantastic interiors can affect us in ways we can’t possibly imagine. Interiors are the stage on which we live our lives…and I relish every opportunity to understand the lifestyle aspirations of every client, and help them set the scenes for the moments that matter most. As an artist, contractor and design professional, I’ve seen the interior design process play out from every possible angle. This rare perspective allows me to coach clients to create with confidence through every phase of any size project. All in an effort to build special environments, that reflect an appreciation for functional substance, incredible style, and original finishing details.”

-Philip Sassano

Founder of The Design Coach, LLC

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