For so many of us, the Christmas and Holiday Season is chalk full of traditions and routines that cannot be altered, changed or even modified in any way. The Christmas Tree in exactly the same place every year…the mantel decorations placed just so…I’ve even seen people insist on the exact location of ornaments on the tree. Everyone’s personal decorative neurosis aside…at this time of year…it’s all fine with The Design Coach. After all, when it comes to decorating for the Season, the only rules that matter are your own…and apparently, those you may write unknowingly with your family. And this year, I may have broken a sacred Christmas decorating rule…well, at least according to my wife and kids. Who would have thought, such a traditional, classic and TIMELESS ornamentation to our Christmas tree would have caused such a reaction?!


In this weeks audio blog, posted from my weekly radio show on WLKG Lake 96.1 in Lake Geneva, I discuss what I’m calling “Tinsel Gate” So much ground to cover with this Holiday Hullabaloo that the typical blog just wouldn’t do. Sorry, I went a little Seuss there. Just click on the play link below, settle in…and let me know if something like this has ever happened to YOU!



God bless, and I wish for all of you a safe & merry Christmas…

and a joyful Holiday Season!