To the Pieces, the Passion and the Perseverance.

The best way to describe it to you sounds something like this:  Pretend the body of your life’s work to date was one gigantic jigsaw puzzle. Like the picture on the box, you could see the beautiful finished image. Upon opening the box, and spreading out all of the pieces, nothing seems to deter you as you attack the project with enthusiasm and an unstoppable optimism. You begin by giving the project the structure it needs, exactly like the border pieces that allow you build a puzzle from the outside in. Once that milestone is reached you do feel a sense of accomplishment, but also understand that the real work has just begun. As you continue to put the puzzle together you are keenly aware, that although each piece is critical to completing the image, the endless trial and error involved in fitting those pieces together will at some point take its toll on you…and others close to you. Along the way, you may ask others to help you fit the pieces together. And from time to time, their assistance is of tremendous help, and other times…it’s not much help at all. Or even worse, a distraction that threatens to keep you from even trying to complete the project. So daunting at times is the exercise that you even begin to question why you even started the puzzle, and if you will ever be able to make everything fit.

It is in that moment that you realize your enthusiasm has been transformed into experience…and optimism into resolve. And as you reflect on the entire experience you find that you’ve come to some amazing realizations. You see that the image you thought you were building looks significantly different than the one on the box. You become aware that your ability to learn and grow from your failures is infinitely more important than celebrating your successes. It is at this moment when you finally understand what they mean when they say, “Success is a horrible teacher.” You are struck by the fact that even though it has felt lonely at times…you were never really in it by yourself, and so many people have helped you find fits when you needed it most. And you come to a place that illustrates even better than the puzzle itself…that the exercise of creating and building something with someone special, and with others…is more rewarding than you could have possibly imagined. Which may very well mean that maintaining your passion and perseverance while attempting to put the pieces in place…is…the solution to the puzzle.

Having been involved in creating several spaces that have attempted to share the best we have to offer…this endeavor by far feels the most complete. And although the journey that has brought us to this opportunity has been a long, and filled with incredible elation and deep disappointment…somehow everything we’ve had to endure together makes perfect sense. When you finally begin to see the ways the last pieces of the puzzle are going to fit together, an interesting thing happens. Your excitement, enthusiasm and optimism is fueled by something different than before. It’s propelled by the understanding of how much you’ve learned, how far you’ve come as a couple…and as a family…and that you cannot wait to share these moments with others. The slideshow below is of Day 1 of a new adventure, and a living digital document we can share with you. We can only hope that others chasing their dream, will be inspired to keep “putting the pieces together” in the face of the inevitable challenges life will most certainly throw our way. #ourdreamshop. Opening July 2015.


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