Vintage Bliss 2015

Over the past 20 years of salvage searching, I’ve seen some amazing vintage and reclaimed resources. Some last longer than others, but no matter their staying power I’m always grateful for having found them. These creative crusaders have not only helped feed my insatiable design appetite, but have allowed me to introduce a level of artistic authenticity into my design, that has given my projects two key ingredients…personality and a nostalgic depth. As a huge supporter of independent businesses, I love to recognize those who put in the time, energy and effort to create unique experiences for others. For those of you who have ever opened a shop…or know someone who has…you know it takes a special kind of crazy and mountain of courage to embark on that journey, much less stay the course. Today I salute Vintage Bliss, in Beloit Wisconsin. With a careful and creative eye, this small shop with big ideas is one of my favorite finds of 2014. It’s not just the quality of the salvage offerings that makes them a true original, but the thoughtful displays are something only the purest of picking hearts can assemble. Below is my digital homage, to a place you MUST visit either in person or online in 2015! Rob & Kristy…I raise my glass to your reclaimed risk taking. May the New Year embolden your sense of purpose and fortify your artistic resolve. And from all of us here at The Design Coach, we wish you the best in the coming year…and thank you…for all that you do. -Philip Sassano, The Design Coach

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Vintage Bliss    911 East Grand Avenue, Beloit, WI 53511   Phone: (608) 921-2221

Philip talks to Rob & Kristy from Vintage Bliss on Lake 96.1:


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