Vote for Summer! This weekend…it’s actually on the ballot.

Okay. This seems like the perfect time to take a time out. To pause, take a deep breath and reflect. Memorial Day weekend…the unofficial start of Summer. There may be no better time to hit the reset button on so many levels.

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Summer is upon us, and I don’t know about you…but I just can’t take it anymore. Honestly, they’re both wrong. Hey chicken little, news flash, the sky isn’t falling. At least not everywhere, and certainly not every time you disagree with other side. To stay on the storybook train, please understand that if you’re going to cry wolf…we’d like you to be certain it’s dangerous…and has real fangs. Just so you’re aware…your over-exaggeration is often times as bad as his strange tweet. Just sayin’. On the other side of isle,  please stop complaining about how rough the politics are these days. You we’re elected to fix things, no one forced you run for office, this is the business YOU’VE chosen…and you’ve got some work ahead of you. Also, another breaking story: Words do matter! And to those to whom incredible power has been entrusted, you really can’t afford to say, or even tweet, trivial things if you expect to be taken seriously. You just can’t. By the way, this holds true for those who both won AND lost recent elections. And furthermore, if you’re having trouble articulating your perspective, your case, the strategy or the plan…then you’d better find someone who can negotiate on your behalf! This binary choice between two American realities is the ultimate false narrative. One designed to incite and divide, not just for political reasons, but maybe even for profit. Yikes! Someone actually said it. I’ve seen common ground reached where there was absolutely no foundation to do so…so guess I’m just not buyin’ it. This environment is like arbitrating an argument between a couple of four year-old siblings, who don’t seem to understand, or worse don’t care, that their divided efforts are keeping us all from moving forward to solve real problems. And who quite frankly are always dressed in suits, but might as well be wearing onesies. oldschbabycryThe rhetoric is now officially bordering on the clinically insane, detached from any common sense, is disconnected at best and down-right distracting. Maybe even by design. I’m also tired of the “this is the most dangerous time in American History” talk. No it’s NOT. Not by a long shot. And on this Memorial Day weekend, I’m reminded of any number of periods in American History, when our very existence as country was purchased with the sacrifice of brave patriots who bled in uniforms without any special interest designation…or personal agenda…other than to get the job done and return safely to ones they loved. Speaking of numbers, here’s the one you really need to remember this weekend: 2,911,201. That’s the number of dead, wounded or missing in official American wars dating back to the American Revolutionary War.*



Not included in that number are those killed in undeclared conflicts, or serving our great nation executing other critical military and civilian duties. A number that grows by the day. Memorial Day is an amazing holiday, because if we let it, it’s the ultimate American reality check. Like the water gushing from a Summer seasons fire hydrant or garden hose…on this holiday in particular…we should all be drenched and dripping with gratitude. And be more than willing to demonstrate it through common sense cooperation…and a shared civic duty. Old-fashioned you say? Maybe, but more on that later in this blog.

So this completes the rant…at least for now. Consider this blog an unofficial special referendum on changing the conversation this season. Please consider sharing it with others, and let’s all support the candidate that brings out the best in all of us! Let’s vote for Summer! In that spirit, I’d like to officially endorse Mother Nature in her Summer glory as my candidate to lead us…at least for the next four months. And to further reinforce my endorsement, here are some of my official positions that comprise MY American Summer…and the enduring fact that almost all politics is local. Maybe even right inside your own home.


I endorse budget battles involving a scrambled search for enough loose change to get ice cream from the roadside stand that only takes cash.

If gridlock means a spirited negotiation regarding a reasonable curfew for my kids…then lock it up I say!

I’m in favor of fake news, if it means a harmless prank on anyone in my family or close friends.

The only investigation I’m currently watching is the one that uncovers who let the dog out, what in world did he roll in…and WHAT in God’s name is that smell?!


My surveillance programs involve keeping an eye on my son, the car he drives, and company he keeps…and of course, that boy currently dating my daughter.

This time of year I tend be more liberal with how much alcohol I pour into my drink, and rather conservative with whom I allow to sip from my glass.


In some way I do support the redistribution of wealth, if it means everyone has enough to eat…and we’re all bringing at least something to the table. Even if the only thing someone can afford is a smile, and thoughtful conversation. Please pull up a seat…there’s enough to go around. 


My favorite press conferences will involve long hugs and genuine questions from the friends and family whose visits were long overdue. Here, how are you? and I need more details? are considered gotcha questions. 

The only spinning I will encourage, is the kind that you might find under a tent, with a live band and willing dance partners of all ages. 

And the shutdown I’m really against…is the one that cuts off the music, the laughter and the love before we’ve celebrated every guest at the party.

Whether you have big plans, small plans, or no plans at all…I think we can all agree that the best Summers are always the ones that bring people together.

So, however you choose to define this Summer season…from The Design Coach…I wish for you a safe, happy and uniquely American Summer.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!